Why Your Business Should be Using Sharpdesk Software

There are a variety of useful software programs, but Sharpdesk's easy to use design and comprehensive document management system makes it one of the most valuable business applications on the market. With a wide range of helpful features and practical tools, utilizing Sharpdesk software can help businesses improve organization and efficiency in their office.


What is Sharpdesk?

Sharpdesk is a desktop-based document management application. This means Sharpdesk users can search, edit, compose, process and forward scanned/native electronic documents all from their work computer. This application also allows users to create and distribute reports and proposals by simply dragging and dropping them onto Sharpdesk software's work area. Over 200 kinds of files are supported (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, TIFF, JPEG, BMP, and more) and every type of file can be displayed as a thumbnail so they can be found easily with a quick visual scan.

Sharpdesk comes with an impressive toolset including search, composer, and annotation functions. The robust search function allows users to promptly find files by combing through metadata fields such as image PDF and TIF files. It also has a full text search utility that provides results in the form of thumbnails with a summary so users can easily identify the file they are seeking. Sharpdesk composer lets users combine different kinds of files into one document and convert image files into searchable PDFs or Microsoft Office file formats. The annotation function includes a host of editing tools such as text, labels, and stamps.

Sharpdesk Features

If you were impressed by the search, composer, and annotation functions just wait until you see some of the other features Sharpdesk software boasts:

  • Straightforward/easy wizard-based client installation
  • Secure communications (SSL) for Sharp multifunction document system setup (MX series)
  • Sharpdesk program is available in seven languages
  • Modify image files with the image editor
  • An intuitive layout that allows users to easily navigate the application
  • Cutting-edge OCR engine that can more accurately convert scanned documents into editable text (works with over 35 languages)
  • Peer-to-peer scanning feature that does not rely on servers
  • Automatic discovery/connection with Sharp Multifunctional Printers
  • Setup personal scan profiles to add processing options
  • The ability to compress PDF files
  • Automatic scheduled backups

Benefits of Using Sharpdesk

  • Save time and increase workplace efficiency
  • Find documents/files more quickly using thumbnails, filenames, and keywords
  • Easy document assembly while in the application with the composing function
  • Minimize IT involvement with automatic backups, device discovery, and IP address synchronization
  • Compression feature saves memory space and allows for faster network communications
  • Consolidate and manage documents in one secure database

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