Why Your Business Should be Using Cloud Storage

Cloud storage allows users to upload their files on a secure server and then access them from any device or location. This type of storage guarantees that your data will be reliably backed up, easy to access, and safe. In the past, corporations used physical data centers to store their data. Besides being expensive to maintain, these data centers can prove disastrous if something goes wrong and your information is not properly backed up. Nowadays, many businesses are switching to cloud-based storage. Here are some of the most important reasons why your company should start uploading data to the cloud.


Reduced Costs

Cloud storage can drastically cut costs when it comes to computing services. Running a data center can be a costly endeavor. Besides the initial cost of purchasing equipment and software, you also have to hire technicians and pay to maintain or replace broken parts. Cloud storage, on the other hand, will only charge you based on the variety of features you require such as storage, number of users, time, and memory space. The ability to choose a package tailored to your individual needs ensures that you will not be paying for services you do not use. By using cloud storage, you can eliminate the need for a physical data center and save money on your computing services.


One of the biggest advantages that cloud storage offers is instant scalability. In the past, businesses had to plan for unexpected growth by purchasing and preparing additional resources such as servers, storage, and licenses far in advance. However, with cloud storage, you can add new features or increase your storage at a moments notice. All you have to do is contact your cloud storage provider and pick out a new package with the additional features you require.


Another benefit to switching over your business to cloud-based storage is the increased flexibility it offers your employees. Since your employees will be able to access your network from anywhere, more of them will have the option to complete their daily tasks either at home or while they are in the field. If several employees decide to work from home after you switch to cloud storage, then you can cut costs even further by reducing the number of workstations and the amount of equipment in the office.

Enhanced Security

Cloud storage also boasts better security when it comes to keeping your data secure than physical data centers. Without the cloud, sensitive information could be accessed by unauthorized personnel if a laptop is stolen from your workplace. However, breaching the security measures on cloud platforms is far more difficult. If there is a security concern, the cloud gives business owners the choice to delete or move any confidential information to a different account.

Eliminates the Need for a Backup Plan

Traditional computing systems require back up plans for any stored information since data could be permanently lost if there is a problem with your physical data center. Cloud-based storage on the other hand automatically backs up files according to a pre-determined schedule. Your information is encrypted while uploading or downloading and stored in two different data centers for maximum security.

Automated Business Solutions

Uploading your data to the cloud can help save you time and money while increasing productivity, but many business owners don’t know where to start. Automated Business Solutions can help. When you sign up for cloud storage services, we will help you eliminate monetary expenses on physical server solutions so that you can concentrate on your business. Some of our cloud services include data center replication, disaster recovery planning, backup deployment, backup configuration, and regular vulnerability scan and report. When new technology arises, we can update your equipment to ensure that your office is always on the cutting edge and running with maximum efficiency. Contact us today to learn more!

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