4 Tools to Help Bring Your Businesses Into the 21st Century

With so many different helpful devices and applications out there to help modernize your business, it can be difficult deciding which would be the most beneficial. That's why we have compiled a list of 4 of the very best tools to help revamp the way you do business. Investing in these resources can help you save money, time, and increase efficiency in your office.


Multifunctional Printers

Multifunction printers, or MFPs for short, are one of the most valuable investments smaller business owners can make. MFPs consolidate multiple functions such as printing, copying, scanning, and faxing all into one device. Investing in a MFP can bring a variety of benefits to your company including:

  • Increased office productivity
  • Save space by eliminating multiple printers, copiers, and scanners
  • Save money on repairs and supplies needed to keep different machines running

Sharp OSA

If you decide to invest in a multifunctional printer, the next business tool you should look into is Sharp OSA technology. This state-of-the-art technology can transform your MFP into a convenient and powerful information portal that can be fully customized to correspond with the way you do business. Sharp OSA technology allows business owners to:

  • Easily find and access key documents and information no matter where they are in the office
  • Actively manage usage costs
  • Increase efficiency and improve workflow within their company

MAXXD (Cloud Storage)

Cloud storage is the best way to guarantee reliable and safe data backup. MAXXD is one of the most extensive cloud-based storage services available on the market and includes data center replication/disaster recovery planning, backup deployment/configuration, and regular vulnerability scans. MAXXD even keeps your files secure while uploading, downloading, and storing them in remote data centers. Some other benefits of using MAXXD include:

  • Substantially lower energy consumption than traditional storage options
  • Guaranteed uptime and availability for critical services and applications
  • Cut costs on physical servers, replacement, and maintenance expenses
  • Set parameters on which employees have clearance to access your Cloud

UC-MAXX (Voice Over Internet Protocol)

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP for short, is quickly becoming one of the most widespread methods of communications in the modern office. One of the best VoIP options on the market is UC-MAXX. This all-in-one cloud-based communications platform provides the same level of sophisticated audio and video capabilities that previously only gigantic corporations could afford. UC-MAXX offers a variety of benefits such as:

  • Customizable/scalable services
  • Brings together multiple communication methods under one platform (Call, IM, Chat, Video Conference)
  • Cut costs on technicians, phone lines, and maintenance fees
  • Continues to operate even when other services are down

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