4 Reasons You Should Initiate a Network Assessment Now

Network assessments can help identify opportunities for businesses to improve profitability and productivity A thorough network assessment reveals ways to streamline business processes, maximize the productivity of technology assets and people, and improve the total cost of technology ownership. Network assessments can also help businesses that are planning on expanding or installing critical applications to evaluate what resources their network will require to keep up with these changes. These are just a few of the reasons why you should conduct a Network assessment sooner rather than later.


Ensure Compliance With Regulations

When you are running a business in an industry that is governed by strict regulations, keeping your technology compliant should always be a top priority. Network assessments can be extremely helpful when it comes to adhering to industry regulations, as they can uncover areas with compliance issues that you didn't even know existed. Network assessments can also help you discover compliance issues before they become a problem, allowing you to proactively address them. Through network assessments, businesses can save themselves the hassle and monetary cost of dealing with censure or fines.

Improve Security Measures

Without full visibility into your network, it can be near impossible to protect yourself from cyberattacks. In order to fully insulate your network from potential cyber threats, it is important to first gain an understanding of how people, processes, and other technologies interact with it. A thorough network assessment will uncover all of these behaviors and interactions which can expose vulnerabilities in your system. After gauging potential weaknesses in your network, you can develop a proactive security strategy to protect against any cyber threats.

Identify Overused or Underused Resources

Another benefit of conducting a network assessment is that it provides an evaluation of how well your network is managing resources. In traditional, legacy computing environments, capacity was always provisioned based on estimated peak resource requirements. However, this approach can result in wasted resources where expensive resources are sitting idle. It also lacks scalability, which means sometimes capacity is not enough. A network assessment can help you discover how to design new network architecture, with cutting-edge features such as cloud computing, to optimize your resources.

Plan For Future Technology Needs

Network assessments can also facilitate the development of a business plan for future technology needs by analyzing how any changes would mesh with your current framework. The information a thorough assessment provides about your network can help you identify integration points to keep in mind and establish a timeline for any improvements. Instead of just keeping up with your organization's network needs, network assessments allow you to employ a proactive and strategic approach to your technology plans.

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